54. Stungevicius, is derived from the surname Stungis. Furthermore, Lithuanian has inflectional endings for female surnames that indicate if married or unmarried. Thus, the similarity. Lithuanian surnames can tell a lot about a persons ancestors, where they came from, and sometimes what their occupation was. 86. It is complicated. Men's last names use either -as, ys, -is, -a, -e, or -us. From the given name Jonas 1. NOTE: Most names need to be entered in Lithuanian form, especially those for which you might have the Polish version. I have seen several instances where the maiden-name suffix ending is -. In Lithuania, the people are so talented that they make a place for themselves in different niches of industries like sports, politics, acting, fashion and much more and thus gaining popularity and making Lithuania proud. Surname, Given Name and Father's Name, Relationship Within Family, Age This Revision List, Age Last Revision List, Reason Individual Left and Year (if missing from family . separate browser window while using the dictionary, for easy lookup. I have seen several instances where the maiden-name suffix ending is -keinstead of -te. Ruchelle has a vast experience working with clients in hospitality, health and wellness, entertainment, real estate, and retail. Cesiunas -This surname is linked with Lithuanian Olympic medalist sprint canoeist Vladas Cesiunas. It is the word for the German word Elwin in the Lithuanian language. This Lithuanian surname is the shortened form of Bogsas, Bogusauskas, or Boguservicus. We present to you the list of some of the unique ancient and traditional Lithuanian last names. For more Eastern European surnames, take a look at Ukrainian Last Names and Norse Surnames. What we suggest is selected independently by the Kidadl team. Bonus (Latin language origin) meaning "good". Many such single names, almost all going back to the original nicknaming system, became family names later on, when the family name system was introduced in Central Europe as well as in Lithuania. Understanding common Lithuanian surnames can understand the ancestral family, their roots, and even occupational affiliation. nearby larger villages or towns. Kestutis Pempe, the president of the Lithuanian Architects Association, carries this last name. 5. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and letters, for example "C" will match both "C" and "", "S" will match both The Lithuanian surnames are unique and showcase the rich heritage of Lithuania. This last name is made famous by Lithuanian writer Ruta Sepetys of the 'Between Shades of Gray' the bestseller book. Because of this fundamental reason, a large part of the Lithuanian family names are either Slavic, or have reached Lithuania through Slavic mediation; some were Slavicized later (they have Slavic prefixes, suffixes), (page 11; translation mine, At first the Lithuanian capital was Kernave. 69. Many such patronymics later became regular family names as well. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with This Lithuanian surname is derived from Vytautas, comprising of vyti meaning to guide and tauta meaning the people. I think the name Urbannavage is a typically Americanized form of a Lithuanian surname, in this case, Urbanavicius. Shimkus is derived from the personal name Simon. You probably want to open that page in a Kanas is a Lithuanian surname which is often used as a nickname too. There is one specific characteristic for most family names in most European (at least in Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe) languages: the family name is usually inherited from generation to generation, while the first (or the given) name is applied only to individuals. Lithuanian surnames in the 14th century were only reserved for the nobility when they first became a tradition. Shaul means rifleman in Hebrew. According to K. Rymut (Rymut 1999: LXV-LXVI) "the native names would be . Degutyte is derived from the feminine form of an unmarried woman Degutis. In the database; English Lithuanian 127,000 phrases and phrases, Lithuanian English 105,000 words and phrases. If the surname was a patronymic one [-aviius; -eviius; -aitis] that had a U.S. "sort-of-equivalent" surname, the immigrant might use that approach: Petraviius or Petraitis (which both mean son of Petras [Peter]) might become Peterson. Petronis is the Lithuanian surname for Peter, from Latin origin. It is among the rare and unheard Lithuanian last names. But having found a beautiful place on a group of lakes during one of his hunts, Grand Duke Gediminas founded Trakai and moved his capital there. Others, for one reason or another, had their family name This Lithuanian last name is considered to be used as a nickname for a scribe or clerk. This Lithuanian last name is of Greek origin. The female equivalent (for a married wom. Some sites are helpful with close matches shown as you type from which you can choose. 14. It is important to note This family name is associated with TV actor Eric Balchunas. Historically, the Greek -os corresponds exactly to Lithuanian -as. Juozas Gabrys was a Lithuanian politician. By tradition, Lithuanians have two names - the surname, inherited from one's father (more rarely, from mother) and the given name. Often used as a nickname for a rich man, it is Russian bai, meaning rich. It gave Lithuania all of its rulers from the 13th to the 16th century, and Poland, from the 14th to the 16th. If you purchase using the buy now button we may earn a small commission. We will always aim to give you accurate information at the date of publication - however, information does change, so its important you do your own research, double-check and make the decision that is right for your family. 91. The famous Lithuanian poet and author of the seasons, Kristijonas Donelaitis, carried this family name. Pointers to The U.S. Census also lists other common surnames in English like Johnson, Jones, and Miller. 55. On the landing page, scroll down and click the green "Sutinku" ("Agree") Bruas is a little more difficult to explain, but, most probably, it is an old nickname, too. By tradition, Lithuanians have two names - the surname, inherited from one's father (more rarely, from mother) and the given name. Her father was buried in 1931 with the family name engraved as Cernauskas because he was a man. This is the german form of one of the popular Lithuanian names Berner. Most Sharkey - This surname is associated with Lithuanian boxer Jack Sharkey. Famous Lithuania-based opera singer Violeta Urmana is highly associated with the Urmana surname. Here's a helpful list of some of the top Lithuanian based surnames with meanings. One important variation occurs for records prepared by Lithuanian-speaking people within the ethnic Lithuanian community. This Hebrew origin Lithuanian surname is the reduced form of Antonius or Antony, meaning priceless. These names are : Balinas, Bruas, Budrys, Butkus, Gudaitis, Kairys. Lubarsky Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Jewish. Lithuanian names always follow the rules of the Lithuanian language. Please read Lithuanian (Lietuvi) part of this project. 13. In the Lithuanian culture and language, the males and females within a family have surnames that are similar but end with different suffixes. 'Dobis' is a Lithuanian last name derived from 'Duoba', of Polish origin, 'Doba', meaning 'courageous' or 'noble'. Degutyte is derived from the feminine form of an unmarried woman Degutis. baltas 'white,' Budrys is derived from the Lith. This Lithuanian surname is derived from Jonas or Johannes. This Lithuanian topographic name implies someone who lives at the end of the village. Keturakis meaning "four eyes" in the Lithuanian language. for the given surname. Kidadl provides inspiration to entertain and educate your children. Moris is a Lithuanian last name derived from Morys, meaning a lazy person. This is another popular Lithuanian surname. Kaunas is derived from the city Kaunas in Lithuania. alone. Over 25,000 entries in each section make this a standard reference. 73. In the earlier times, most individuals had only one name. Mekas - This family name is popularly associated with Lithuanian artist and filmmaker Jonas Mekas. Molis is a surname of Lithuanian origin derived from Molius, meaning brick maker or Molis, meaning clay. Jei tv pavards skirtingos, buvo galima parinkti vaikui vieno i tv pavard. This surname is derived from this countrys name. Balchunas meaning "white". This surname is a topographic Lithuanian name derived from Miskinisz, meaning forest. For reasons such as convenience, or of . Lithuanian names always follow the rules of the Lithuanian language. One may wonder about the most popular Lithuanian family name, Kazlauskas. 19 relations: Asan Mugunghwa FC, Asian Football Confederation, Association football, Busan IPark, Daegu FC, Dong-a University, Jeonnam Dragons, K League, Korean FA Cup, Korean League Cup, Lee Seul-gi, Midfielder, Pohang Steelers, Song (Korean surname), South Korea, 2008 K League, 2009 K League, 2010 K-League, 2011 K-League. 35. Gabrys (Polish origin) meaning "God gave me strength". Dapkus - This last name is made famous by Lithuania basketball player Martynas Dapkus. If there was a need to distinguish a particular individual from another bearing the same name, various attributive additions were used: referring to the place where one lived, whence one came, his/her profession, occupation, some personal characteristics. It is valuable for doing Lithuanian genealogy searches. Anyone using the information provided by Kidadl does so at their own risk and we can not accept liability if things go wrong. This Lithuanian surname is derived from 'Doba' a Polish origin word meaning 'noble' or 'courageous'. Balinas is clearly derived from Lith. button, to indicate agreement with conditions of use presented on that page. (Those readers who may be somewhat familiar with the sports scene in the USA, will not fail to notice that two of the most famous Lithuanian-American athletes could be found on this list: Dick Butkus and Johnny Unitas More than 550 towns are represented--continuously updated. Matelis - This family name is linked with Lithuanian film director Arunas Matelis. 1. Adomaitis is the Lithuanian surname derived from the Hebrew name Adam, meaning Earth. Many Greek family names also end in -os. Duoba. This Lithuanian surname is derived from Noreti, meaning to want and Buti, meaning to be. Lithuanian last names for males can have suffixes -as, -ys, -is, -us, -a and - added to them. The surnames not only showcase the ancestral family but can sometimes also tell about the region they belonged to or their occupational affiliation. The list above indicates that 42 family names are the most popular in Lithuania (not forgetting that we may find, perhaps, then select "Gyvenamj viet vard sutrumpinimai" ("Abbreviations of the Furthermore, Lithuanian has inflectional endings for female surnames that indicate if married or unmarried. or the "daughter of." Grigas - This name is linked with popular Lithuanian basketball coach Rimantas Grigas. Are the Registers of Ancestor's RC Parish in Lithuania Online? 52. Well send you tons of inspiration to help you find a hidden gem in your local area or plan a big day out. by choosing one from the "Vietovs" ("Localities") menu - they will autocomplete Clicking on any of them will display more information. Worcester: 1920 Membership Records, St. Casimir Lithuanian RC Church 1030 Fundamental All languages Polish Terms by semantic function Names Surnames From Lithuanian. Answer (1 of 4): Like Silvestras Guoga said, this is not a suffix. It is known to be the short form of Zukaskaus. Gaida (German origin) meaning "spear; lance". They allmean "son of", but the-aitissuffix is considered to be "more Lithuanian", and the-aviiusand-eviiussuffixes are considered to be "more Slavic". Famous female Lithuanian writer Jurga Ivanauskaite has this family name. 33. 27. Romeka (Latin origin) meaning "of Rome". 81. This Lithuanian surname is of Hebrew origin and is derived from Matthaeus, Latin for Matthew, meaning Gift of God. 57. Habitational name for someone from Liubar, an urban-type settlement in the Zhytomyr Oblast of Ukraine, or Lubarka, an unknown place in Lithuania. Resources for Lithuanian Genealogy - BYU Family History Library . ] left-side panel. 32. A Church For All People. If the search is successful, matching surnames will be displayed on the Lithuanian form of Kowalski. Kairys - This last name is got famous due to Lithuanian pilot, Jurgis Kairys. 50,000 Lithuanian family names. On the next page, type the initial letters of the surname you are interested Some Lithuanian immigrants might have Polonized their names if they lived in a Polish community . Subscribe for virtual tools, STEM-inspired play, creative tips and more. Zigmas Jukna, a rower from Lithuania, is associated with the name Jukna. Some of these ancient names have been preserved as family names until the present day: Advilionis, Agintas, Aimantas, Ambutas, Arminas, Amantas, Atmins, Auktkalnis, Auvydas, just to name a few beginning with the letter A. From Lithuanian dalis meaning "portion, share". Vitkus is derived from the personal name Vytautas. 43. When the second volume (L-) appears, this dictionary will be almost a complete record of all Lithuanian family names presently used. One of the traditional Lithuanian names used as a nickname for a rich man. 88. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. For example, the Lithuanian surname "Balkus" means "white." A Lithuanian immigrant with the surname of Balkus may have became a White in the United States. When the daughter Jane Doe gets married to John Smith, she typically then becomes Jane Doe Smith or Jane Smith ne Doe. conventions for spelling of surnames are now fairly well standardized, but in older records there are many more variations, and it is often difficult to know if the surname was simply misspelled in a particular record. 11/21/97. This Lithuanian last name is a derivative of the Polish name, Pisac, meaning to write. SLOVENIJA - Slovenian Surnames. (question mark) and ancient Poland it seems more accurate to use the term surnames of Lithuanian origin than the evaluative form foreign. Are they just Lithuanian surnames, or are there surnames from other countries? With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Soon after that he went on a hunt again and four miles away from Trakai, on a beautiful hill on the shore of the Vilnia river, he . And this is the quality that made Lithuanian family names very famous over time. Jankauskas Lithuanian. Baleckas - It is a Lithuanian form of Valeska. 68. Bernotas - It is the Lithuanian form of Bernhard meaning "bear". Edited by Aleksandras Vanagas. One is tempted to compare this huge dictionary (only the first volume has 1152 pages) with the rather well-known dictionary of American family names: Elsdon C. Smith, New Dictionary of American Family Names, Harper & Row Publishers, New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London, 1973, 570 pages. Zemaitis is a Lithuanian last name meaning lowlander. Possibly from a given name that was derived from Lithuanian bti meaning "to be, to exist". Vardys, V. Stanley, and Judith B. Sedaitis. Lithuanian born singer Anthony Kiedis has this family name. 1. Dobis is a Lithuanian last name derived from Duoba, of Polish origin, Doba, meaning courageous or noble. These last names are considered to be one of the oldest and traditional in nature. Greek names, as it is commonly known, can also end in -as, -is, -us. 96. Klukas, meaning chatterer or blabberer, is a derivative of the Lithuanian name Klukius. gudas 'Byelorussian; foreigner'), and Kairys is an old nickname: 'left-handed.' We present to you the list of such famous Lithuanian last names which are now well known in the world. You can search for either a complete surname, or construct a more complex Lithuanian language is one of the oldest derivations of Indo-European languages. The regional surname refers to people from western Lithuania. A Lithuanian personal name, as in most European cultures, consists of two main elements: the given name followed by the family name . Melis, meaning blue, is a Lithuanian surname derived from Melis. Lithuanian State Historical Archives, Vilnius: 1784 Slutsk Census, Grand Duchy of Lithuania 1784 Census/Poll Tax List, Fond SA 3754, p. 653. Giedraitis meaning "unmarried". Balkus meaning white is often a nickname given to a person who has a pale complexion or white hair. Dapkus is a popular Lithuanian last name made popular by Lithuanian basketball player Martynas Dapkus. Historical Dictionary of Lithuania , 1997. your doctor. Jukna - This name is inked with Lithuanian rower Zigmas Jukna. Later, they were used by everyone to showcase their roots. The organization that put together this valuable list of Lithuania's first soldiers has, to alert users that the organization would greatly appreciate receiving, commemoration volume for the 100th anniversary of the, If you have a question about this Scribd document, please, You might also be interested in the additional Lithuanian family names found at, Do not sell or share my personal information, http://www.scribd.com/doc/23112919/Lithuanian-Family-Names. Lubin - This surname is made popular by Lithuanian basketball player Frank Lubin. This is also an occupational name. So when the priest wrote down their names in a parish record, he probably wrote down the Lithuanian form of the name even if they were using an Americanized form everywhere else. Kiedis meaning "protector". Vilnius, "Mokslas," 1985. use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. For example, the Polish ending -iewicz will usually require Lithuanian -eviius (without diacritical marks typically accepted). Bernius meaning "farmhand". To access it, click on "Sutrumpinimai" ("Abbreviations") at the top bar, This Lithuanian surname is derived from Dargius meaning pleasant. By joining Kidadl you agree to Kidadls Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from Kidadl. Like many other languages, Lithuanian is an inflected language in which the suffix endings are changed (according to rules of grammar) to reflect different grammatical cases. Special supplemental section includes a guide to Lithuanian pronunciation and grammar. Girenas - This surname is made popular by Lithuania based pilot Stasys Girenas. 92. This surname has its origin in Daniel, a Hebrew word meaning God is my Judge. Please note: prices are correct and items are available at the time the article was published. Immigrant Lithuanian Ancestor and Any Immigrant Relatives. 79. Mickus - It is found to be the pet form of the personal name Dimitriju. The name also has its origin in Hebrew, meaning Supplanter. 30. 80. Each Lithuanian surname appears in three different forms, one masculine and two feminine. in the drop-down below. Pisula (Polish origin) meaning "to write". Kubilus is derived from the given name Jakub. All rights reserved. Cornish Surnames. Baravykas meaning "king of the mushrooms". Lithuanian architect Gediminas Baravykas has this surname. It is thought to be a surname of the Jewish people of Lithuania. locations where it was known in the 1930s. It is complicated. Romeka, of Latin origin, means of Rome. Baleckas is a Lithuanian form of Valeska. 22. This is an Ashkenazi Jewish ornamental last name taken from the German word 'Bach' meaning a 'creek' or a 'stream.'. Martinkus is a patronymic form of Martin. She is fond of classic British literature. 90. This is, or course, very well known to the compilers and the editor of this dictionary. 7. I use the spelling "Antanaitis" because thisname is a patronymic one derived from the Lithuanian given name "Antanas". of a particular surname (in many cases they are just guesses). Later many of them were used as given (Christian) names, and some of these became family names as well. Furthermore, family names as a linguistic phenomenon, is rather late in appearance, except in Latin and in some Romance languages, where the situation was somewhat different. Trace your ancestry and build your family tree. This is approximately the number of family names in such languages as German, French, and English. Rimkus - This surname is associated with Lithuanian politician Kestutis Rimkus. Why is this family name the most frequent, the most popular in Lithuanian? 77. Primary Menu. This surname got popular due to Lithuanian professional basketball player Jonas Valanciunas. 7. Free Surname Origins and Last Name Meanings. In modern Lithuanian, the conventions for suffix endings of female surnames (as described above) are now standardized, but you may find other forms in records because there apparently were once regional differences within Lithuania. The lively and unique nature of Lithuanian last names is what makes them different from the crowd. Options: Who Will Search the Lithuanian RCC Registers? Bagdon is derived from the Polish name Bogdan, which means Gods gift. Bakshish is a popular Lithuanian name meaning fighter or boxer. from the list, or click the search button next to the box, to display all Collect Birth Data of U.S. 26. Fawkner (Melbourne): Fawkner Memorial Park, Map site for Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, German-named places, Sampling of Marriage & Death records (transcribed index), International Tracing Service for Displaced Persons and other victims of Nazi persecution, 1936 Chicago area, Lithuanian telephone directory, Chicago & Suburbs: Obituaries from DRAUGAS and NAUJIENOS, ePaveldas Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Collection, Exile and Imprisonment Locations (Residents of Lithuania-1941), Gazetteer to the Map of Lithuania, 1939 (Lietuvos emlapis), Modern Lithuania: Settlements + Interactive Map of Counties & Municipalities, Worcester: 1920 Membership Records, St. Casimir Lithuanian RC Church, 1920 Michigan Census: Lithuanian Compilation, Albion: Selection of cemetery records, Riverside & Memory Gardens, Grand Rapids: 1929 Membership Records, St. Peter & Paul R.C. Find Ancestors in Online Registers of Lithuanian RCCs, Search in 1848-WWI Russian-Language Birth Registers, Search in 1848-WWI Russian-Language Marriage Registers, 6. 3. Jason Sudeikis, an actor who was born in Lithuania, made the Sudeikis surname well-known. Alexandras. The surnames of Lithuania come from different origins such as Latin, Greek, Jewish, Hebrew, Slavic, Lithuania, German, and Polish. Known to be one of the ancient Lithuanian names. (In Modern Icelandic, this system is still in use). In present-day Lithuania, theconventions for spelling of surnames are now fairly well standardized, but in older records there are many more variations, and it is often difficult to know if the surname was simply misspelled in a particular record. Gustajtis. Within my grandmother's family, some were using the family name "Antanaitis"and others were using the family name "Antanaviius". . Understanding Lithuanian surnames is a good way to find out the ancestral roots of a Lithuanian person. Notes on Selected Polish Surnames. This is also used as a nickname for clerks or scribes. . You don't need to worry about diacritical marks on Lithuanian Matuevas Lithuanian. Degutis meaning "tar". 82. A common tradition among surnames is the different suffixes used for male and female surnames. 38. First of all, all the neighboring Slavic languages (Polish, Byelorussian, Russian) have many family names of the same type, derived from the same root. Gabrys is a derivative of Gabrieliu from Hebrew origin, Gabriel meaning God is my strength. bti 'to be.' Butkus Lithuanian. Thus, a part of the Lithuanian families with the name Kazlauskas may have gotten it through borrowing. Now, we have the second and last volume: L-2 which was published late in 1989. Antanas Klimas Jonas. 78. 23. 95. 76. Lithuanian family names are distinct and often rare. MEMBER-ONLY search engines are in BROWN..JOIN HERE to Access PGSA Member-Only Data. Lithuanian surnames. Donelaitis - Lithuanian poet and author of 'The Seasons', Kristijonas Donelaitis is known by this family name. You can also use a woman's surname to determine whether or not she is married. This Lithuanian surname is derived from Balcius, a first name that has its origin in Baltas, meaning White. And only in the 18th century this process of assigning a family name to each family may have been concluded. Parenting.Firstcry.com accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. Scottish and Welsh names also show up a lot throughout the United States because of our country's early immigration history. Adomaitis, derived from Adam, This last name is made famous by Lithuanian basketball coach Dainius Adomaitis. To take advantage of it, click on "Detalioji paieka" ("Detailed search") information about where in Lithuania your ancestors came from, this tool may Lutkus is a Lithuanian surname which is a patronymic form of Ludolf a German origin name. Karmazinas is a Lithuanian surname that means crimson. The popular anthropologist Birute Galdikas has carried this surname. 74. It is one of the popular Lithuanian last names. . Of course, it had to be selective since, if one could, indeed, register and compile all the last names used in the United States, one could wind up with almost complete dictionaries, as it were, of practically all European family names as well as a large part of Asian, African and South American family names. Here are Lithuanian surname list with their meanings. 19. One o the rarely used Lithuanian last names. Thank you for your patience!